joi, 12 mai 2016


  2016 was a busy year for me so i didn't had so much time for fishing. But in the past two weeks i was out, one time on Nagold, and the other time on Enz. Both waters are in the Schwarzwald Mountains and are preety similar. Nagold is a tributary of the Enz, but it's also a preety big river. May is a month when the waters are still big, from the rains and from the snow up in the mountains, so the fishing was pretty hard. Most of the fishing i done with the nymph but on several occasions i caught fish with dry flyes as well. I tested my new nymph styck( 10 feet, #2) and i can say i'm very pleased with it. I caught some big barbels 50+ cm and it had put in a very good response to the barbels force.Enjoy the photos. Cheers!!!