marți, 29 ianuarie 2013

Step by Step- Caddis nymph (scorobete)

Step1- Put a tungsten bead and some lead wire on the hook shank

Step2- Form a body from any dubbing you like. In this case i used a piece of yellow-ish yarn.
Step3- Rib the body with a brown thread

Step4- Brush the body to give it a nice effect

Step5- Put some seal fur in a dubbing loop and form a nice thorax

Step6- Secure it

Step7- Put some black UV dubbing in a loop to make the head
Step8- Secure it and whip finish. You have a highly effective fly in you box
After getting wet

sâmbătă, 26 ianuarie 2013

Step by Step- Latex Nymph

Put a tungsten bead and some lead wire on the hook shank

Form the body and put a tail of cdc fibres

Cut a piece from the "special" latex (a simple balloon)

Fix it to the hook shank together with a brown thread

Form the body with the latex piece

Rib the brown thread

Put some dubbing in a loop and fix it

Whip finish - The fly is ready

vineri, 25 ianuarie 2013

Step by Step- Quill nymph

Step 1- Put some lead wire on the hook shank

Step 2- Put a tail of cock fibres and a red hotspot butt

Step 3- Put the cock feather quill and a coating on top of it

Step 4- Make a dubbing loop and put whatever dubbing you like; I used a mix of natural hare fibres with some sinthetic ones

Step 5- Whip finnish and start catching fish

sâmbătă, 12 ianuarie 2013

Winter sale 2

De vanzare, muste pentru pastrav,lipan,clean,avat,vaduvita

For sale, flyes for trout,grayling,chub,asp,ide, etc
Devaux Style

Barbel nymph



muste de urzica. variante


classic wet fly


babyfish 1

elkhair sedge

babyfish 2

babyfish 3

babyfish 4

grey ghost

pike fly

pike fly 2

pike gurgler

vineri, 11 ianuarie 2013

Winter Sale

                                               FOR SALE/DE VANZARE
pt detalii astept intrebari pe mail

sâmbătă, 5 ianuarie 2013

2013-Fresh Start

 Inceput de an, care ma gaseste lenevind dupa sarbatori si fara prea mare chef de a lega ceva muste. Totusi reusesc sa fac cateva modele interesante care sper ca ma vor face fericit " later in the season".